ToffVJ Re-cycled, video and media-hacker destructor. Crew Infrabass vj / Alchimyst since 1996. It also collaborates with the main sound system of the free party scene since 1998. In 2002 he contributed to the creation of the V-Atak label. Participates actively Cinemassaker well as many productions of V-ATAK label. Since 2013 he turned to the [...]
NOHISTA - A/V TOASTERBruno Ribeiro aka Nohista is a French A/V artist based in Paris. He cuts, shoot and blend frames to make them sound loud. Working with existing footage or creating a new one, his approach of the video is based on music and the synchronization of both medias. Playing and mixing his a/v tracks in live [...]
Tasman Richardson
Tasman RichardsonTasman Richardson is a Toronto-based Canadian video and new media artist. Tasman has been a practicing artist for over a decade and has exhibited or performed extensively throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. His single channel and installation work focuses on the range of contemporary abstract experience including: our post-everything temporal/cultural black hole via tele-visionary [...]
CybunkResearcher and artist in the field of New Media Arts, cybunk experiment since several years digital web media and vjing. His thinking is moving particularly aout the human-machine interfaces and information flow . It takes root in a study of philosophical thought and cybernetics. Web technology specialist , it implements this know-how in the field [...]
Ripit RIPIT is the electronic project of Nyko Esterle. Ranging from harsh breakcore mahyem to raging chaotic beats, he also knows how to subtely twist your brain with other audio cookies included in a warp of Dub, ambient, hiphop or metal thrue his different side projects. Nyko Esterle started his musical activities in 1994, playing guitar [...]
VJ Meat – The Avatar
VJ Meat - The AvatarVj meat, this avatar from V-Atak label, is a true visual ecarissor : he hacks, crushes and laminates his different sources to the last fragment. He mixes the videos of v-atak, famefame, madame chao, Lovid and more, thus creating a subtly brutal, scathing and immersive atmosphere. VJ meat on myspace
TziiSince 1996 Tzii, music composer and filmmaker, spreads his magickal corrosive frequencies all over the world. He played in most of WESTERN and EASTERN EUROPE and also in USA, JAPAN, CANADA, AFRICA and AUSTRALIA where he played hundred of shows. As a multi-talented artist and performer he takes part in many other projects beside his [...]
RKO – whoisNot!
RKO - whoisNot!rko is a french audiovisual artist, producer, and director. He is working since several years on experimentation between audio visual links to create a real synesthesia. In that way He developed some different relationship with different artists, such as, Tzii, Tasman Richardson, Ripit, Zip Coretex, toff, Cybunk, Hiv+, Yro Yto, Nohista… He is actually in [...]