RKO – whoisNot!

rko is a french audiovisual artist, producer, and director. He is working since several years on experimentation between audio visual links to create a real synesthesia. In that way He developed some different relationship with different artists, such as, Tzii, Tasman Richardson, Ripit, Zip Coretex, toff, Cybunk, Hiv+, Yro Yto, Nohista…

He is actually in charge of the V-Atak label. Working on developement to reveal a part of the audiovisual scene through DVDs and internet. He already produced short film from, himself, Nohista (alias Bruno Ribeiro) and Vidio.Atak (a collectiv project)

here is a short list of the different place where he has performed his different project.
Rko is present in this different line up:

APE vs APE (Naval Battle)
Rko & Tasman Richardson

CARBON 14 (Cinéma Préhistorique)
Rko & Yro Yto

CINEMASSAKER (Movie Massacre)
Rko, Ripit, Tzii, Cybunk

INSIDE MY (100% vidéo concrète)

Rko & Tzii

Rko & Tasman Richardson

Rko & Tzii

TV RAPING (a/v live on TV stream)
Rko, Tzii, Toff, Nohista,

Rko, Tzii, Toff, Cybunk, Nohista, Ripit

VJ MEAT (a/v Mix)
Rko, Tasman Richardson, Jubal Brown, Ouananiche, Madame Chao, Elie Chesnutt, Tzii, Skeeter, Kro la bestiole & Ubidule, Lovid, Nohista, Lifesteak, Transit, Wrectronika…