Combustion by Robin Kobrynski (rko)
Combustion by Robin Kobrynski (rko)Combustion is a singular performance using electricity as the main source for the generation of sound and image. Combustion is anti music and anti graphics, seeking the primitive core in visual and audio to extract only the essence of these sensory experiences. Combustion is a constant research on the impact of image and sound in [...]
PANOPTIQUE – 60 fps photoretinal persistence
PANOPTIQUE - 60 fps photoretinal persistencePANOPTIQUE est un duo composé de Rko & rybn 60fps Photoretinal Persistence est une expérience audiovisuelle où le dispositif de projection est retourné contre le public. L’image numérique est transcodée en un flux de lumière pure, directement imprimé sur la rétine. La fréquence et la modulation de ce flux perturbe le récepteur, via le phénomène [...]
ABC|ACD – Compositions réactives
ABC|ACD - Compositions réactivesABC | ACD est une performance / installation audio-vidéo. Le projet met en scène des compositions typographiques et dynamiques, issues du contenu d’un dictionnaire médical. ABC | ACD propose de mettre en scène ce rapport au corps, à la maladie ou aux inquiétudes qu’une telle connaissance soulève, sans pour autant dégrader le propos par des formes de narration visuelle. Sur le mode de l’abécédaire, le projet joue sur les limites de notre perception visuelle en confrontant mode de représentation et contenu informationnel.
ELECTRICAL STROM by rko & strom varx
ELECTRICAL STROM by rko & strom varxabstract live cinema w h a t ? Electrical Strom est un dispositif audio/vidéo de manipulation du signal électrique. Il permet de transcrire en image la déformation d’un signal électrique continu soumis à une fréquence sonore. A terme, un véritable « cinéma abstrait » se crée en temps réel sous les yeux du spectateur. Electrical Strom se [...]
ANTI LIVE by Tasman Richardson
ANTI LIVE by Tasman RichardsonANTI – live audio/video performance by Tasman Richardson more about TASMAN RICHARDSON BIO Drawing from the ghost in the machine, this set is composed entirely from digital detritus: the signals that exist outside of recognizable content. These signals are normally invisible or censored by our user friendly, blue screen block, copy-protected contemporary electronics. Using a [...]
NOBODY – Industrial BreakDance by Nohista
NOBODY - Industrial BreakDance by NohistaGet the Flash Player to see this content. In NOBODY, an audiovisual performance by Nohista, dance meets visual art meets a concert. Somewhere in a empty universe, an entity redefines its spaces and its boundaries in a way that is limited only by its imagination.
TEMPORARY TEMPLE - A/V ritualGet the Flash Player to see this content. Performing as «mediums» pulling from recorded media, the power of the dead. Clips are collected to form video «dictionaries» of primary symbols or universal archetypes. The performers will improvise a duet made entirely of the video clips. The sounds will come from the source videos. The performance [...]
NOHISTA - A/V TOASTERBruno Ribeiro aka Nohista is a French A/V artist based in Paris. He cuts, shoot and blend frames to make them sound loud. Working with existing footage or creating a new one, his approach of the video is based on music and the synchronization of both medias. Playing and mixing his a/v tracks in live [...]
Solar Skeletons
Solar SkeletonsThe dead sons of the sun are roaming the Earth, choosing the musical weapon to convince the human so-called intelligence to fight if they can’t love each other. After conquiring Mars and Pluton, they choosed the East Coast of the Usa to land and start their crusade. Their Head Quarters is now established in Brussel. [...]
Tasman Richardson
Tasman RichardsonTasman Richardson is a Toronto-based Canadian video and new media artist. Tasman has been a practicing artist for over a decade and has exhibited or performed extensively throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. His single channel and installation work focuses on the range of contemporary abstract experience including: our post-everything temporal/cultural black hole via tele-visionary [...]
Carbon 14 – Cinema prehistorique
Carbon 14 - Cinema prehistoriqueCarbon 14 is a  pre-historical cinema. A collaboration solidifies between Yro and Rko. Between the shaman rite and the thriller, our performeurs manipulate rough materials in front of cameras and microphones. Easily recognizable as Dr Frankenstein, Rko and Yro transforms their materials to give life to a story. A misty chaos turning in the nightmare [...]
Ripit RIPIT is the electronic project of Nyko Esterle. Ranging from harsh breakcore mahyem to raging chaotic beats, he also knows how to subtely twist your brain with other audio cookies included in a warp of Dub, ambient, hiphop or metal thrue his different side projects. Nyko Esterle started his musical activities in 1994, playing guitar [...]
VJ Meat – The Avatar
VJ Meat - The AvatarVj meat, this avatar from V-Atak label, is a true visual ecarissor : he hacks, crushes and laminates his different sources to the last fragment. He mixes the videos of v-atak, famefame, madame chao, Lovid and more, thus creating a subtly brutal, scathing and immersive atmosphere. VJ meat on myspace
Lifesteak – Whois
Lifesteak - WhoisLifesteak is born from the meeting of musician videast Tzii and Rko, videast noiser. A sort of experimental theater/cinema deforming itself and transforming on such topics as nature, industry and television, mixing audio and visual research. Improvosition stays the master word leading the course of this experience that is traveling from a dark and twisted [...]
Cinemassaker – massiv a/v live Raping
Cinemassaker - massiv a/v live RapingSince 2003, V-atak is develloping real time audio/video live performances, working on the movie media’s alteration, preserving the narration in a condensed form while pushing sound ambiances, deforming the images, even by adding external graphical elements or audio synthesis, to exacerb the atmosphere, to inforce an potentially altered vision, to propose a rereading of a [...]
TziiSince 1996 Tzii, music composer and filmmaker, spreads his magickal corrosive frequencies all over the world. He played in most of WESTERN and EASTERN EUROPE and also in USA, JAPAN, CANADA, AFRICA and AUSTRALIA where he played hundred of shows. As a multi-talented artist and performer he takes part in many other projects beside his [...]