ANTI LIVE by Tasman Richardson

ANTI – live audio/video performance by Tasman Richardson

Drawing from the ghost in the machine, this set is composed entirely from digital detritus: the signals that exist outside of recognizable content. These signals are normally invisible or censored by our user friendly, blue screen block, copy-protected contemporary electronics. Using a vintage analog time base corrector, these wild abstract expressions are lovingly collected and then carefully manipulated to create new melodies and rhythms. The compositions are arranged, mixed and modified during a laptop performance using Ableton Live and Arkaos software.

Part 1:

20 vintage CRT televisions ranging from large cabinets to small portables are filmed from close up. The natural sound and image of the tube turning on and off creates variations due to the area the electron gun scans before collapsing to neutral when the magnetic coil is turned off.

Part 2:
A vintage Atari 2600 game console is fed into an analog time base corrector and then captured directly into Final Cut Pro. The voltage on the Atari is reset over and over, causing brown outs in the circuitry which in turn produce a wide variety of coloured bars and tones. The resulting images and sounds are as is straight from the console glitch.

Part 3:
A vintage NES game console is fed into an analog time base corrector and then captured into Final Cut Pro. Cartridges are inserted, tilted and yanked while the power is on. The brief and minimal pops, clicks and single lo-fi notes are captured and then a slight reverb effect is added to the sound for depth.

Part 4:

The audio signal output of a vintage Korg MS20 synthesizer is adapted to connect to the video signal input of an analog time base corrector. A second audio output from the Korg MS20 is recorded simultaneously. The stark black and white interpretation of the sound made by the time base corrector is captured along with the original sound into Final Cut Pro.