Cinemassaker – massiv a/v live Raping
Since 2003, V-atak is develloping real time audio/video live performances, working on the movie media’s alteration, preserving the narration in a condensed form while pushing sound ambiances, deforming the images, even by adding external graphical elements or audio synthesis, to exacerb the atmosphere, to inforce an potentially altered vision, to propose a rereading of a too oftenly fixed media.Cinemassaker line up:
Cybunk (video)
Ripit (audio/video)
Rko (audio/video)
Tzii (audio)

The result of those stage performances leads them to release a video clip for the tribute to Maniac movie (W.Lustig, 1981) compilation released by 3 Patttes label and several others on MEAT DVD in 2006.