Solar Skeletons

The dead sons of the sun are roaming the Earth, choosing the musical weapon to convince the human so-called intelligence to fight if they can’t love each other. After conquiring Mars and Pluton, they choosed the East Coast of the Usa to land and start their crusade. Their Head Quarters is now established in Brussel. They will emblind the audience with raw rays of unseen light, and preach thrue distorted music clichés. The absurdity of human being needs to be shown by pointing its most obvious form : religion, drugs, love etc… After been reprogrammed, human will be able to save their planet. Solar Skeletons is a duet consisting of Tzii and Ripit. They recorded several anthems ranging from psychedelic dub to heavy booty bass, from dark acid techno to distorted electro punk, from decadent blues, to drilling black metal, from power electronic to sinking drone. Their live shows consist of an entire world of ivideos, costumes and sounds. They also recorded numerous collaboration work with diverse musicians from around the globe as Error (Latvia), Cochlea (Japan), Koonda Holaa (Cz/usa), 1997EV (Italy), HHY (Portugal), Le Dernier Cri (France), Bombyx (Belgium) and released on numerous labels like Radon Uropa, Night On Earth, Le Dernier Cri, Aïnu, Amertume, Produck, BTK, Bruits de Fond, Marasm and more!!!

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