Meat DVD (v-atak01)

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MEAT is a visual album coming straight out of Label V-ATAK: 3 years of research condensed into ten films in one hour. Different musical and graphic styles come
into contact all along this project.
MUTATION (aka Lifesteak), a collaborative work between TZii and RKO, explores the relationship existing between our auditive and our visual environment in everyday life. This project as light as it is incisive, dissects our present reality in brutal and honest ways.
CINEMASSAKER was born from the desire of seeing old films come to life again through remix. This technique is very popular amongst VJ’s and their sets. RKO and RIPIT add to it their chaotic and destructive touch, thus giving life to images frozen by their initial format. Films stolen to Carpenter, Tsui Hark or William Lustig will be dissected for the pleasure of your eyes and ears.
The MEAT DVD’s cover has been designed by FREDOX, a famous Artist from « Le Dernier Cri ».

Cover art by FREDOX, more on Le Dernier Cri

DVD: 12€ (shipping fees included)
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eDVD: 8€
(iso a graver sur un un DVD vidéo, ou à lire avec un émulateur de DVD) + pochettes a télécharger. ISO file ready to burn on a video DVD. you can also use a iso mounter to watch it) + covers by Strom Varx in High Def Jpeg.

DVD5 PAL – REGION FREE – 70 minutes – 4/3 – Stereo PCM – 2006 – Digipack
Feats: RIPIT, TZII, RKO and several guests…
ref: v-atak 001