Tzii – Rotten Friendship (v-atak05)

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Hatred, love, fight, mutual aid, destruction, accomplishment, submission, devotion, treachery, trust, complementarity, opposites, fakeness, truth, lies….. these are some componants of friendship, the
rotten holy link.
This object contains, on a dvd and a cd, images and sounds made on Tzii’s work by his supposed friends.

DVD:  20,00 €

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eDVD:  8,00 €

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1. TOFF: Fuel Tank
2. TELEMAK: Caresse Automatique
3. BRUNO RIBEIRO (alias Nohista): La Deuxième Peau
4. ZU° Label: It’s Me Coming (Mutation)
5. PILAMI: Buckets Of Blood
6. RKO: Death Mariachi
7. TZII: Humans
8. 1n0ut: Feeding Your Back (Daisy)
9. CYBUNK: Somnolence Intime
10. PATRICE MUGNIER: An Aftermath (A Time To Collect Your Faults)

1. Teras Logos (rmx by PLANETALDOL)
2. Solitude Cuivrée (rmx by LUNA DOPA)
4. Swamp Ritual #4 (rmx by RIPIT)
5. La Deuxieme Peau (rmx by COUNTER PRESSURE)
6. I Killed Her (rmx by BRANDTKALK)
7. La Deuxieme Peau (rmx by STALKER)
8. Feeding Your Back (rmx by GRABUK)
9. Fascinum #2 (rmx by MADAME PATATE)
10. Le Pole (rmx by UMKRA)
11. Swamp Ritual #06 (rmx by CHAM)
12. Swamp Ritual #02 (rmx by NEVROZ)
13. Solitude Cuivrée (rmx by D’INCISE)

CD / 70 minutes / Stereo
DVD / 73 minutes / PAL / 16/9 / region free / progressive scan / audio PCM
300 numbered copies
Handmade silkscreen printing by Arrache Toi Un Œil

v-atak05 / Night On Earth 07