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Lifesteak – Whois
Lifesteak - WhoisLifesteak is born from the meeting of musician videast Tzii and Rko, videast noiser. A sort of experimental theater/cinema deforming itself and transforming on such topics as nature, industry and television, mixing audio and visual research. Improvosition stays the master word leading the course of this experience that is traveling from a dark and twisted [...]
TziiSince 1996 Tzii, music composer and filmmaker, spreads his magickal corrosive frequencies all over the world. He played in most of WESTERN and EASTERN EUROPE and also in USA, JAPAN, CANADA, AFRICA and AUSTRALIA where he played hundred of shows. As a multi-talented artist and performer he takes part in many other projects beside his [...]
RKO – whoisNot!
RKO - whoisNot!rko is a french audiovisual artist, producer, and director. He is working since several years on experimentation between audio visual links to create a real synesthesia. In that way He developed some different relationship with different artists, such as, Tzii, Tasman Richardson, Ripit, Zip Coretex, toff, Cybunk, Hiv+, Yro Yto, Nohista… He is actually in [...]
Meat DVD (v-atak01)
Meat DVD (v-atak01) Get the Flash Player to see this content. MEAT is a visual album coming straight out of Label V-ATAK: 3 years of research condensed into ten films in one hour. Different musical and graphic styles come into contact all along this project. MUTATION (aka Lifesteak), a collaborative work between TZii and RKO, explores the relationship [...]
Steroïds – Lifesteak
Steroïds - LifesteakGet the Flash Player to see this content. the last part of the released Lifesteak triptych on Meat (v-atak01) The sounds of testicles! credit: rko & tzii as Lifesteak
Bowels – Lifesteak
Bowels - LifesteakGet the Flash Player to see this content. this is the part 2 of the triptych released on Meat DVD (v-atak01). credit: Rko & Tzii as lifesteak
Seagull Jerky – Lifesteak
Seagull Jerky - LifesteakGet the Flash Player to see this content. this movie was, in part, shooted on Frioul Islands (near Marseille) before a massiv seagull attack. Is the first part of a triptych. This video has been released on Meat DVD (v-atak01) Credit: Rko & Tzii as Lifesteak