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VisionSonic 2K12
Hey Folks. VENDREDI 16 NOVEMBRE, 19h30 – 00h00 Friday november 16th, 19h30 – 00h00 NO CONCERTS OR CTUNES (BERNARD SZAJNER / YRO) Avant-garde audiovisual performance ECHOS (SHRUBBN!! / TRANSFORMA) Audiovisual performance SCULPTURE Retro-electro-vynil QUELQUES MINUTES DE SOLEIL APRÈS MINUIT (XAVIER QUÉREL) 16mm live-cinema COMBUSTION (RKO) Noise electric TONEWHEELS (DEREK HOLZER) Optical a/v performance   VENDREDI [...]
V-Atak quick Canadian tour 2011
06.05 NOHISTA and TASMAN RICHARDSON @ Elektra 12, Montréal 11.05 RKO and VJ MEAT @ Gallery Saw , Ottawa 12.05 NOHISTA, TASMAN RICHARDSON, RKO @ The New Flesh, Toronto 13.05 RKO and VJ MEAT @ TBA, Kingston 14.05 RKO & RYBN as PANOPTIQUE @ Sight and sound/VISIONSONIC, Montréal
PANOPTIQUE – 60 fps photoretinal persistence
PANOPTIQUE - 60 fps photoretinal persistencePANOPTIQUE est un duo composé de Rko & rybn 60fps Photoretinal Persistence est une expérience audiovisuelle où le dispositif de projection est retourné contre le public. L’image numérique est transcodée en un flux de lumière pure, directement imprimé sur la rétine. La fréquence et la modulation de ce flux perturbe le récepteur, via le phénomène [...]
15.01.2011 Electrical Strom @I-R-L (Paris)
15.01.2011 Electrical Strom @I-R-L (Paris)Centre Mercoeur 4 rue Mercoeur Paris 11, France 5€ Thierry Théolier/Systaime Samon Takahashi Electrical Strom (V-Atak rko + Strom Varx)
ELECTRICAL STROM by rko & strom varx
ELECTRICAL STROM by rko & strom varxabstract live cinema w h a t ? Electrical Strom est un dispositif audio/vidéo de manipulation du signal électrique. Il permet de transcrire en image la déformation d’un signal électrique continu soumis à une fréquence sonore. A terme, un véritable « cinéma abstrait » se crée en temps réel sous les yeux du spectateur. Electrical Strom se [...]
VISIONSONIC FESTIVAL 2010Get the Flash Player to see this content. La 3ème édition du festival Visionsonic présente un large panorama de concerts et performances audiovisuelles qui explorent les relations entre image et son. Tous les courants de ce nouveau cinéma performatif, concerts live-cinema et autres performances audio/vidéo seront abordés de mi-octobre à début novembre 2010 dans 7 [...]
14.10.2010 D.A.S (rko & Tzii) @ l’Hybride, Lille, fr VISUALMIX ELECTRICAL LIVE CINEMA + SiTT JEUDI 14 OCTOBRE – 22H performance
Les saturations électroniques, 3ème édition !
Les saturations électroniques, 3ème édition !
22.05.2010 T Richardson, Rko, Nohista…. @ Sight and sound, Montreal
22.05.2010 T Richardson, Rko, Nohista.... @ Sight and sound, MontrealEastern Bloc T: 514-284-2106 7240 rue Clark, 2e étage Montréal, QC H2R 2Y3
15.05.2010 Rko & Tzii + VJ Meat @ Fetes des 01, Orléans
15.05.2010 Rko & Tzii + VJ Meat @ Fetes des 01, OrléansMaison Bourgogne, 108 rue de Bourgogne – 45000 Orléans
17.04.2010 Videodrome @ MOCCA (Toronto,ca)
17.04.2010 Videodrome @ MOCCA (Toronto,ca)"The battle for the mind of North America will be fought in the video arena, the Videodrome" - Brian Oblivion, Videodrome (1983) VIDEODROME Live Audio/Visual Overdose Saturday April 17th 8pm 2010 Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art
17.04.2010 Rko & K./ @ I.R.L, paris
17.04.2010 Rko & K./ @ I.R.L, parisRko & K./ (RYBN) /// Antoine Schmitt /// JJ Birgé /// Centre Mercoeur - 4 rue Mercoeur 75011 Paris - M° Voltaire/Charonne
▄▀▄ ▐▀▄▌ ▀█▀ █ DVD (v-atak04)
▄▀▄ ▐▀▄▌ ▀█▀ █ DVD (v-atak04)ANTI is a DVD compilation of 20 international artists. Each artist was commissioned to work with the intangible, ethereal restraints of glitch, pushing the limits of noise, feedback, circuit bent, cartridge tilting madness. formatted in classic 4:3 screen ratio. Running time is 3 min and 20 sec.
BOY’S FLESH – Short movie by Vidio.Atak
BOY'S FLESH - Short movie by Vidio.AtakGet the Flash Player to see this content. An army of beauties, crazy druid, strong males, head-banging transvestites, bizarre drug, sexy princess and a big buckett of blood for a shamanic rock’n'roll ceremony hidden behind a free-fight competition leads to massacre. do you really need something else? Directed by the ViDiO.ATaK (Ripit, Rko, Toff, Nohista [...]
TEMPORARY TEMPLE - A/V ritualGet the Flash Player to see this content. Performing as «mediums» pulling from recorded media, the power of the dead. Clips are collected to form video «dictionaries» of primary symbols or universal archetypes. The performers will improvise a duet made entirely of the video clips. The sounds will come from the source videos. The performance [...]
10.10.2009 TEMPORARY TEMPLE & VJ MEAT @ WDNX Festival – Winnipeg (CA)
Established in 2006, WNDX places special attention on the most innovative and ground-breaking work by Canadian filmmakers and video artists, with a special focus on the work of Manitoba and prairie artists. We celebrate the impetus to create in motion picture as a means of artistic expression and bring to the forefront works that may [...]
BRAIN SHIFT by Transit
BRAIN SHIFT by TransitGet the Flash Player to see this content. this video has been released on Meat DVD (v-atak01) band name: Transit pictures: Rko sounds: tzii length: 1’30 year: 2005
Carbon 14 – Cinema prehistorique
Carbon 14 - Cinema prehistoriqueCarbon 14 is a  pre-historical cinema. A collaboration solidifies between Yro and Rko. Between the shaman rite and the thriller, our performeurs manipulate rough materials in front of cameras and microphones. Easily recognizable as Dr Frankenstein, Rko and Yro transforms their materials to give life to a story. A misty chaos turning in the nightmare [...]
Lifesteak – Whois
Lifesteak - WhoisLifesteak is born from the meeting of musician videast Tzii and Rko, videast noiser. A sort of experimental theater/cinema deforming itself and transforming on such topics as nature, industry and television, mixing audio and visual research. Improvosition stays the master word leading the course of this experience that is traveling from a dark and twisted [...]
Cinemassaker – massiv a/v live Raping
Cinemassaker - massiv a/v live RapingSince 2003, V-atak is develloping real time audio/video live performances, working on the movie media’s alteration, preserving the narration in a condensed form while pushing sound ambiances, deforming the images, even by adding external graphical elements or audio synthesis, to exacerb the atmosphere, to inforce an potentially altered vision, to propose a rereading of a [...]
Tzii – Rotten Friendship (v-atak05)
Tzii - Rotten Friendship (v-atak05) Get the Flash Player to see this content. (here is a 3 tracks demo for this DVD, if you are interested to get the whole object, just scroll down and click on « add to card ») Hatred, love, fight, mutual aid, destruction, accomplishment, submission, devotion, treachery, trust, complementarity, opposites, fakeness, truth, lies….. these are some componants [...]
RKO – whoisNot!
RKO - whoisNot!rko is a french audiovisual artist, producer, and director. He is working since several years on experimentation between audio visual links to create a real synesthesia. In that way He developed some different relationship with different artists, such as, Tzii, Tasman Richardson, Ripit, Zip Coretex, toff, Cybunk, Hiv+, Yro Yto, Nohista… He is actually in [...]
Videodrome DVD (v-atak03)
Videodrome DVD (v-atak03) Get the Flash Player to see this content. It’s time again! Come worship at the alter of the cathode ray tube and fling yourselves to the sight and sound of these televisionaries as they clash, an electro-magnetic megamash! Who will win the belt of honour? VIDEODROME was hosted by the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art [...]
Ufo Pulsations DVD+CD (v-atak02)
Ufo Pulsations DVD+CD (v-atak02) Get the Flash Player to see this content. (french follows) The sky is no longer a limit, 3patttes and V-Atak are pleased to produce a new release of HIV+, UFO Pulsations, consisting of a CD and a DVD. Three original tracks of our sound explorer and the remixes of other volunteers to this strange journey. [...]